Update Your Entryway on a Budget

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Your entryway is the first impression your home gives to visitors. If your entrance needs a makeover, you don’t have to launch a major overhaul, just a few well thought out changes will do. Here are some ways you can update your entryway on a budget.


The first place to start is with the outside of your home. Is the path to your front door cleared of obstacles, well lit, and inviting? Have easily readable house numbers so those visiting for the first time will be able to find you without trouble. A new front door, or a new outdoor bench with fun throw pillows can go a long way to spruce up the front porch.

You can use a welcome mat, or a fun sign to reinforce the idea that guests are friends, and friends are welcome. Be sure the pavement and railings are safe and allow visitors with mobility issues to enter with ease. If your railings have come loose you can help secure them back into place with anchor cement block works.


The space inside the front door says a lot about your style and sets the tone for the whole home. Keep clutter organized by having coat hangers, hat hooks, a bureau for hidden storage, a shoe organization system, and an umbrella stand. If you have the space for an elegant chandelier or drop lighting, it can make a classic and elegant statement. If space is limited go for a flush mount or ceiling mounted light fixture which will make the area feel larger.

Colors are key. Light and neutral colors make a room feel spacious and bright. You don’t want your guests to feel like they are entering a dark or dreary cave. You can paint trim the same color as the walls to help the space feel even more roomy and save on paint costs. Then choose a focal point like a stair railing, flooring, or other fixture to highlight with a fun pattern or contrasting color.


If you have stairs in your entryway there are many opportunities available to really make them stand out. If you have good hardwood underneath, rip up that old carpet and let the grain take center stage. If you have older stairs or want to keep carpet on the stairs for traction, you can either go from edge to edge or use a carpet runner down the center. A money-saving tip is to use carpet remnants from your local store.

If you have a brick staircase you can update the railings for a new look, or paint them with a quality metal paint. If the railings have become unsteady, be sure to secure them with anchor cement block works so your stairs are stylish, and safe.  

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