3 Ways to Help Your Car Run Longer

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Your car is essential. It helps you get around, it is your home away from home on the road, and it helps you do the things you love. Since your car takes good care of you, you should take good care of it. Here are 3 ways you can help your car run longer.


There are lots of things you can do every day to increase the life span of your car. Driving carefully is one. Don’t spin your tires, drive up on curbs, or make a habit of slamming on the brakes, or straining the engine. Try to keep the load light as well and only haul heavier items when you need to.

Keeping your car clean is another way to keep it running better. You may not think so, but keeping the car clean not only helps the exterior and interior of the car look nice, but helps the overall functioning of the car as well. Dirt and debris can get into the joints of the car and over time cause corrosion, especially if you have driven in an area that uses road salt. Cleaning the car will help prevent this and cleaning the interior helps care for the dashboard which can be prone to warping in older cars.


Besides the daily upkeep of the car there are several items you can attend to every few months. Have regular oil changes and make sure to change the oil filter as well. Keep your fluid levels sustained, and periodically change the air filter in the car. You should keep a keen eye on the exterior of the car and address any rust spots or paint chips sooner rather than later.

You should purchase new windshield wiper blades every year, and rotate the tires every-other oil change. Resist the urge to modify the car. Adding a different engine or suspension could place undue strain on the rest of the car, and adding the changes will not increase the car’s resell value, in fact it will decrease it.


Even if you take the best care of your car that you can repairs will still be needed. The important thing is to fix them and fix them soon. When it is time to have a part replaced, don’t skimp and get the cheaper option. Buying used tires or used parts often leads to more costly repairs later. To help you cover some of the costs of repairs you can purchase an extended vehicle warranty plan. And hopefully with good care your car will need few repairs over its long and healthy lifespan.

An extended vehicle warranty plan can help you cover expenses with systems such as the engine, transmission, air conditioning, brakes, power steering, suspension, and more.

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